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When Zero Is The Hero

As part of our sustainability movement, IHH Malaysia collaborated with Zero Waste Malaysia as its main sponsor at the Zero Waste Festival 2022.

29 Nov 2022

Topics: Synergy, Teamwork
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Where Marketing Minds Meet

From many corners of the earth, over 70 colleagues gathered virtually at the 2nd Annual Marketing Leaders Meet.

24 Jan 2022

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Flexing Our AI Muscles

Did you know that IHH has a data team that recently developed and launched our very own AI-powered billing estimation tool? The in-house solution has been progressively deployed in our hospitals in Malaysia.

17 Nov 2021

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Lifelong Learning

Presenting quality projects to nursing peers around the world is just a start. The organisers of the inaugural IHH Singapore Nursing Quality Convention has bold ambitions to make a name at global forums

22 Oct 2021

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World-class Symposium for a World-class Team

Skillathons, international speakers, and tons of learning - the second IHH Nursing Symposium was a huge success with our global nursing workforce, with about 3,000 of them tuning in to the virtual event on 7 and 8 October.

22 Oct 2021

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C-nergy in action!

After more than 62,000 man-hours of hard work, the Cerebral Plus (C+) project between IHH Healthcare Malaysia and our Turkey operations has finally taken off!

01 May 2021

Brands: Acibadem, Pantai
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Partnership Amid Lockdown

While borders have closed, a new partnership has opened up for our IT teams from Malaysia and Turkey Operations in the form of Project One/Cerebral Plus.

01 Jul 2020

Brands: Acibadem,  IHH
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IHH Healthcare Rolls Out Global Telemedicine Service

Imagine the convenience of consulting a doctor from the comfort of your own home. As at 8 May, IHH Healthcare has made this possible across all our home and key markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, India and Hong Kong.

13 May 2020

Topics: Innovation, Synergy
Brands:  IHH
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Don’t Sugarcoat Me

World Diabetic Day was celebrated on 14 Nov 2019 across all hospitals in India. The theme was ‘Family and Diabetes’. It aims to drive synergy across India on clinical leadership by training nurses on knowledge and clinical competencies.

14 Nov 2019

Topics: Events, Nursing, Synergy
Brands:  IHH
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Soaring High for Quality

For the second consecutive year, the IHH Quality Summit was held in Kuala Lumpur, on 11 October.

11 Oct 2019

Topics: Events, Synergy
Brands:  IHH
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