Making a Difference Every Day

At the forefront of service excellence, our nurses set high standards for delivering exemplary care to patients every day.

We support our nurses' personal and professional growth at every stage of their career. Being a nurse at IHH lets you discover your passion and develop your strengths.

Our Nursing Philosophy

Our Nursing Philosophy

We nurture thinking nurses with a heart, embracing the three tenets: Professionalism, Expertise and Advocacy.

Professionalism is defined as establishing caring and therapeutic relationships with team members and patients actively and collaboratively.

Expertise is about lifelong learning and keeping oneself up to date with evidence-based knowledge and skills for the delivery of efficient, safe and quality care.

Advocacy redefines the nurse-patient relationship by having nurses advocate patient rights and empowering patients in the process to make decisions in the best interest of their health.

One Career, Many Pathways

Nursing is a diverse and rewarding career like no other. Whether you want to pursue your interests in a speciality area or deepen your clinical or management skills, there are opportunities for you to grow at IHH.

Hear from our nursing colleagues from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Career Pathways

You will enjoy well-rounded nursing jobs in three pathways. Beyond bedside care, you can also explore quality projects, clinical excellence and service initiatives to prepare you for roles such as Nurse Informaticist, Quality Assurance Nurse and Hospital Management.

You will have the opportunity to deepen your expertise through cross-attachments in other countries within our group.

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  • Lead a team of nurses and oversee ward operations
  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals
  • Manage manpower planning, job evaluation and design
  • Conduct policy reviews
  • Provide clinical leadership and direct care to patients and families
  • Evaluate nursing plans
  • Assist in staff training to deliver holistic patient care
  • Manage training, competency building and development of new graduates and nurses
  • Plan and evaluate nursing programmes and courses
  • Gain knowledge on the latest nursing practices and technologies

Career Progression

You can start your nursing career in two common pathways and grow in the role.

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As a Registered Nurse, you can choose to specialise in your area of interest, such as paediatrics, midwifery, maternity, neuroscience, orthopaedics, critical care, perioperative nursing, oncology or palliative care.

You can advance your nursing profession as a Nurse Clinician, Nurse Educator, Nurse Manager and Director of Nursing.

Nursing is a lifelong career. You can further develop yourself through higher education, such as going for a Master’s degree or even a PhD.

As an Enrolled Nurse, you will have the opportunity to work side by side with the Registered Nurses to deliver exceptional patient care. In addition, you will be trained for an expanded role.

You will be provided with training opportunities to advance your career as a Senior Enrolled Nurse and Registered Nurse, if eligible. We are looking for candidates with the right attitude, commitment and capability to join our passionate team.

Training Opportunities

At IHH, we provide both internal and external nursing training and learning opportunities. We believe in developing the next generation of leaders through our rich teaching and mentoring culture.

Our pool of leaders, lecturers from Parkway College (Singapore) and International Medical University (Malaysia), and staff from allied health departments nurture nurses to provide heartfelt care based on trust and compassion.

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Our training roadmap is designed to help you grow personally and professionally. It includes:

  • Training and development
  • On-the-job training
  • Preceptorship programmes
  • Leadership programmes
  • External courses
  • Academic programmes
  • Overseas programmes

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From the best patient care and treatment to the little acts of kindness, nursing at IHH means making a difference – one patient, one family, one touch at a time.