Better Health With Genomics   

Preventative care and early detection are key to patient outcomes and a healthier population. The Centre of Genomic Health aims to help individuals and their families uncover any possible genetic mutations linked to potential illnesses or health conditions, allowing them to take necessary steps early on.

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital opened the Centre for Genomic Health in partnership with clinical partner, Curie Genetics, on 9 November 2023. To help patients proactively manage their health, five clinical genetic tests are available for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, Lynch syndrome (hereditary colorectal cancer), familial hypercholesterolemia (hereditary high blood cholesterol), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (a heart disease which is usually hereditary), and Marfan syndrome (hereditary connective tissue disorder).

“The opening of the Mount Elizabeth Novena Centre for Genomic Health is a significant milestone for us as it offers our patients an additional avenue to manage their health needs proactively. In the spirit of Singapore’s Healthier SG initiative and the shift towards preventive care, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital will continue to identify the healthcare needs of our patients and provide innovative healthcare solutions that both enhance the patient experience and help them proactively manage their health,” shared Sherrie Lim, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

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