Employee Safety & Total Well-being

We empower employees to take ownership of their well-being through a holistic approach that covers physical, mental, emotional, recovery, and purpose dimensions. We support employees in their wellness journey, ensuring they feel cared for as part of the IHH Healthcare family.
Why is Employee Safety & Total Well-being Important?

Why is Employee Safety & Total Well-being Important?

Our dedicated team is essential to delivering quality care. Prioritising safety and well-being fosters a culture of ownership, empowering employees to thrive. We’ve uncovered several key themes on what employees want and categorised them under 3 pillars:


A caring culture ensures employees feel safe and have their health and well-being looked after.


Good communication at the workplace keeps everyone in the loop, and everyone wants to feel valued and heard.


Support for mental health and other concerns being emphasised helps employees feel cared for when dealing with work stressors.
Our goal is to provide our employees with a caring and safe work environment so they feel empowered and, consequently, bring more energy, passion and professionalism to their work. Maintaining a safe work environment also supports the consistent delivery of quality healthcare services to our patients.
  • Reduce lost time injuries across the Group
  • To have zero workplace fatalities across the Group
Refer to our Sustainability Report for a full list of goals and targets.

Did You Know?

is the percentage that our people ranked mental well-being among the 5 types of well-beings to support, making it the highest ranked and a top priority.

We aim to maintain a caring and safe work environment, empowering employees to bring energy, passion, and professionalism to their work, ensuring consistent delivery of quality healthcare services to our patients.

*IHH Healthcare Employee Engagement Survey results
What We’re Doing

What We’re Doing

We model and define well-being based on the World Health Organization Well-Being Index. This enables us to take a thoughtful, holistic and strategic approach to employee safety and total well-being.

  • Hospitals governed by Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Management System.
  • Regular hazard identification and risk assessment exercises.
  • Compulsory safety training for all employees on various topics.
  • Regular workshops on mindfulness and stress management.
  • Enhanced our employees’ access to professional counselling and support.
  • Upskilling our managers and leaders on psychological safety.