Healthcare Digitalisation

Strategic partnerships and innovative technologies enhance our digital capabilities to provide patients with greater accessibility and convenience while empowering them to take control of their health management.
Why is Healthcare Digitalisation important?

Why is Healthcare Digitalisation important?

Healthcare Digitalisation is vital for delivering high-quality care globally. By embracing technology, we enhance convenience, accessibility, and the overall patient experience. We are building a seamless healthcare ecosystem to meet the needs of our patients.
of our patients have had access to their medical records online since 2022.
Our goal is to deliver better, faster, easier and more accessible care for our patients. We are looking to expand our digital app footprint across our markets to improve accessibility and convenience for our patients.

Did You Know?

of physicians believe at least 1/4 of primary consultations could be delivered virtually.
Digital technology has led to a shift in expectations and demands of healthcare consumers. Patients now desire greater accessibility and convenience.
What We’re Doing

What We’re Doing

We are enhancing our digital capabilities to allow our patients to enjoy greater accessibility and convenience. To deliver care beyond the hospital walls in a seamless way, we will be making the most of electronic medical records, telemedicine, patient portals, knowledge sharing platforms and technology solutions.

We are advancing our digital transformation journey in three main areas:

  • Speed, efficiency, and seamless connectivity

    Reduce waiting times and operational expenses while enabling data capture, curation, and interoperability.

  • Driving patient engagement and empowerment

    Allow patients to enjoy unified, cost-effective care from online to offline.

  • Intelligence mining

    Convert data into intelligence and insights to drive operational and clinical excellence.