A Promise,
A Purpose

For the greater good of our patients, our people, the public, and our planet.

We Care. For Good.

Our Sustainability Approach
Going beyond the Hippocratic oath principle of 'doing no harm' to Care. For Good.
Because we believe in building a better world, not just for us, but for generations to come.
Our Sustainability Approach

Driven first and foremost from

Touching lives, transforming care.
To be the world's most trusted healthcare services network.
Patients First

We put patients' needs first


We do the right thing


We champion continuous improvement & innovation


We listen with our hearts


We are better together

Shaping Our Future, Sustainably

We anchor our sustainability approach to make a positive impact on our patients, our people, the public and our planet. We strive to provide excellent care and outcomes to our patients; champion total well-being, development and inclusiveness for our people; give back to the communities in which we operate; while protecting our only home – our planet.
Quality of Care &
Patient Stewardship
We prioritise quality care and patient satisfaction through data-driven improvements, seamless experiences, and a patient-centric service culture.
Enhanced digital services empower patients with greater accessibility and convenience to better manage their health.
Data Privacy
& Security
Our patients’ rights to privacy is our responsibility. Secure systems and robust technology protects our operations from cyberattacks and data breaches.
Employee Safety &
Total Well-being
We nurture a strong engagement culture through regular feedback.
& Inclusion
We foster a safe, enriching, and inclusive workplace that embraces diversity.
People Engagement &
Talent Development
We provide development programmes to bring out the best in our talent.
Antimicrobial Stewardship
These efforts ensure compliance and promote the responsible use of antibiotics to combat antimicrobial resistance.
Disease Burden
We educate, innovate, and invest in early detection and prevention of the top two causes of mortality: cancer & cardiovascular diseases.
We prioritise care for local communities through medical intervention, health literacy and outreach programmes.
We have strategies in place to improve energy efficiency and lowering emissions.
We ensure the proper treatment of hazardous waste streams while minimising overall waste.
Our Goals

Our Goals

Our four key pillars, Patients, People, the Public, and Planet, encompass time-bound and measurable targets.

We will report progress against our goals in our next Sustainability Report, which will be published in April 2024.

Our Sustainability Report

We track our progress on measurable goals and report regularly, creating value for stakeholders while contributing to a better future.
Our Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy

We are dedicated to making responsible and sustainable decisions while keeping our commitment to our four key pillars in mind.
Our Partners

Our Partners

IHH is proud to be the first healthcare partner of the WWF-Singapore's (World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore) Plastic ACTion (PACT) Initiative. WWF PACT aims to reduce waste and move towards a circular economy.

Waste management is a key focus area of IHH's sustainability plan which targets to reduce 90% single-use virgin plastics in non-clinical areas starting with Singapore and Malaysia markets in 2023. By partnering with WWF PACT, IHH aims to make a real impact in reducing plastic waste and to champion sustainability initiatives by sharing our success stories.