Empowering Our Patients

Our patients are the reason for our existence

Across our global network, we strive to provide quality, safe, and empathetic care; one patient, one family, one touch at a time.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence stems from an innate desire to empower our patients and to offer them better, faster, easier and more accessible care with the best possible outcomes.

Understanding Our Patients

Understanding Our Patients

We continuously improve the care we provide through patient engagement and staying informed about emerging healthcare trends while taking measures to align with patients’ expectations:

  • Engage with patients while keeping up with healthcare developments and lifestyle trends.
  • Review feedback to improve care and meet expectations.
  • Align sustainability strategies with the needs of patients and stakeholders through materiality assessment exercises.
To be the most trusted private healthcare provider in all our markets by 2025.
  • Achieve 90% of VDO outcomes at or above international benchmarks by 2025.
  • Billing estimates at 90% accuracy in core markets* by 2025.
  • Admission for A&E cases to be within one hour of doctors’ instructions in core markets* by 2025.
  • Be in the top quartile in Net Promoter Score (NPS) in our core markets* by 2025.
*Core markets refer to India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Türkiye.