Advancing Oncology Diagnosis And Treatment In Shanghai  

Building strategic partnerships to advance clinical excellence - our recent collaboration with Sharehereon Health has opened doors to high-quality refractory cancer care at Parkway Shanghai Hospital.

On 1 November, Parkway Shanghai Hospital partnered Professor Ding Gang, Founder of Sharehereon Health, to launch the Parkway Shanghai Hospital Oncology Center and Parkway International Refractory Oncology Consultation Center. This strategic collaboration unifies the expertise and resources of both healthcare organisations to deliver better oncology diagnosis and treatment for cancer patients.

“This strategic partnership is a harbinger of more great things to come. Refractory cancer, which is the cancer resistant to standard treatment, is a high potential segment in the private healthcare space and there’s great promise in it cementing our domain expertise in oncology,” shared Dr Prem Kumar Nair, Group CEO of IHH Healthcare, during his opening address.

Buoyed by this new development, IHH China will continue to innovate clinical practices, foster multidisciplinary cooperation and prioritise holistic patient care, to bring hope and improved outcomes to more cancer patients in Shanghai.