Caring for Our People

Shaping the Best Place to Work

Our people form the heartbeat of our organisation, and we are committed to creating the best work environment possible for our employees, where their growth, well-being, and contributions are valued and supported.

This means providing our people with opportunities for training, for self-development and to contribute to the organisation. It means safeguarding their safety and well-being. It means listening closely to their needs. It means supporting them in being themselves. Above all, it means treating our employees with compassion, dignity and respect.

Engaged Employees Lead to Healthier Patients

Engaged Employees Lead to Healthier Patients

Attracting and retaining talented individuals leads to exceptional care. We strive to develop such a quality-driven workplace:

  • Empowering a purpose-driven, inclusive, and caring culture that values diversity, well-being, and growth.
  • A hybrid workplace, effective communication, a safe environment, and technology optimisation.
  • Emphasis on mental health, proactive listening, and support for continuous growth and development.
To be the employer of choice in the private healthcare sector in all our markets by 2025.
  • 50:50 ratio of male to female leaders by 2025.
  • 10% increase to global nursing talent pool by 2025.
  • Have zero workplace fatalities and reduce time lost to injuries.
  • Be above country and world healthcare norms in Employee Engagement Survey (EES) for all of our markets by 2025.