People Engagement & Talent Development

We value talent development and offer opportunities for growth, fostering an enriching workplace with high engagement and retention rates. Our recognition as Forbes' World's Best Employers 2022 reflects our ambition to shape the best place to work for.
Why is People Engagement & Talent Development important?

Why is People Engagement & Talent Development important?

Engaging employees fosters passion and retention, crucial in the competitive healthcare talent landscape. A purpose-driven engagement strategy connects employees to patient care, offering growth opportunities and recognition.
higher engagement & retention rates in organisations with strong learning culture.
Our goal is to build a team of purpose-driven employees who are passionate about making an impact in healthcare.
  • 10% increase to global nursing talent pool by 2025.
  • Be above country and world healthcare norms in Employee Engagement Survey (EES) for all of our markets by 2025.
Refer to our Sustainability Report for a full list of goals and targets.

Did You Know?

9 million
more nurses and midwives will be needed by 2030, as estimated by WHO.
We can only deliver high-quality patient care with a strong pool of nurses, allied health professionals, clinicians and other support staff powered by high-performance corporate teams.
What We’re Doing

What We’re Doing

Our aim to strengthen our talent pool is achieved through a three-pronged approach:

  • Boosting Recruitment: Recruiting healthcare professionals through purpose-driven campaigns, scholarship programs, and cross-border recruitment.
  • Strengthening Internal Talent Pipeline: Developing structured initiatives to nurture leadership, line managers, and employee skills for present and future challenges.
  • Enhancing Employee Experience: Understanding employee needs through Employee Engagement Surveys, crafting an experience addressing aspirations, and creating positive "Moments That Matter" for them.