Unlocking Growth - Leading the Way Forward 

What defines our approach to healthcare leadership and how do we drive growth across markets? These are some critical questions tackled at our first IHH HealthcareInsider leadership dialogue of the year held on 22 April to the theme of "Unlocking Growth".

Steering the discussions was Dr Prem Kumar Nair, Group CEO, IHH Healthcare, who was joined by market leaders Jean-François Naa, CEO of IHH Healthcare Malaysia; Dr Peter Chow, CEO of IHH Healthcare Singapore; Evren Gence, Deputy CEO of Strategy and Business Development of Acibadem Healthcare Group and Dr Ashutosh Raghuvanshi, Managing Director and CEO of Fortis Healthcare.

During the 70-minute webinar, our leaders delved into the core principles of healthcare leadership and the strategies necessary to unlock growth in our key markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Turkiye and India, based on IHH’s strategy framework: Align to Grow, Challenge to Transform, and Empower to Excel.

François emphasised the importance of a clear vision and long-term commitment to patient care and sustainable growth, stressing the need for ethical leadership standards. Peter shed light on adopting a disciplined approach to integrating AI into our hospitals, while Evren discussed the burgeoning demands of medical tourism and the imperative of staying competitive. Lastly, Ashutosh shared Fortis Healthcare's focus on maintaining clinical excellence amidst India's aging population, ensuring accessibility to quality healthcare. 

Viewer polls and questions added valuable perspectives, highlighting the pivotal role of leadership vision and strategy in enhancing patient care quality.

“At the heart of all we do, we remain committed to meeting our patients’ needs, achieving clinical excellence, delivering value-driven patient outcomes and enhancing accessibility of care,” concluded Dr Prem. 

Stay tuned to the next episode of HealthcareInsider, coming your way in third quarter of 2024.