Shaping the Future of Care

With our international scale and reach, IHH is taking the lead in innovation. We partner and invest in companies in the fields of healthtech and digital health to improve our healthcare services and grow our healthcare ecosystem. On the digital health front, we are expanding our capabilities globally to provide patients with faster, better, easier and more cost-effective care.



Using AI to Enhance Billing Transparency

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

IHH is one of the first healthcare groups in the world to use artificial intelligence (AI) to estimate hospital bills. The predictive system gives our patients in Singapore more accurate and personalised bill estimations, empowering them to make better informed decisions on their treatment options.

More important, our patients get greater peace of mind over their healthcare expenditure prior to admission so that they can focus on getting well. With an 80% estimate accuracy for inpatient bills, this initiative builds trust with patients and in the longer term bend the healthcare curve.

Putting Healthcare in Your Hand

Putting Healthcare in Your Hand

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, IHH moved quickly to make virtual consultations available across all our key markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, India, China and Hong Kong. Patients around the world can now enjoy greater access to our quality medical care and services, from consultation to doorstep drug delivery, from the comfort of their homes.

Across our various markets, we also integrated mobile applications into our brick-and-mortar services to give our patients easy access to appointment services, medical records and health information – with just a few clicks.

Partnering Innovative Start-ups to Expand Our Ecosystem

Building Strategic Partnerships

IHH collaborates with start-ups to deploy innovative and cutting-edge healthcare technology that enhances the patient experience and improves clinical outcomes through less invasive, more precise, and more affordable technology.

  • The partnership with precision medicine company Lucence Health gives our patients better access to cancer diagnostics including liquid biopsy that is less invasive than tissue biopsy.
  • We have grown our healthcare ecosystem and reach by investing in Doctor Anywhere, a tech-enabled omnichannel healthcare platform serving multiple countries in Asia. The partnership enables us to provide more convenient, accessible and cost-effective care to meet the growing demands of patients.
  • Partnering Accredify, we are an early adopter of blockchain technology to issue tamper-proof, easily verifiable digital COVID-19 test results directly from a mobile app, as the world prepares to reopen its borders to travellers.

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