Innovate. For Good.

With our global scale and reach, IHH is advancing innovation to address real patient needs and deliver better care.

Tapping onto our Innovation Fund, we invest in and partner with novel and potentially disruptive companies in digital health and tech-enabled healthcare services to expand IHH’s capabilities and grow our healthcare ecosystem. Through strategic partnerships, we develop new products and services to better serve our patients.

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IHH is a strategic investor in early-stage digital health and technology-enabled healthcare services companies. We collaborate with growing start-ups that share our vision and align with our growth strategy, to create value across our healthcare eco-system.


We are constantly challenging ourselves to push the boundaries of excellence and partnering with like-minded companies to provide better care for our patients.


At IHH, we believe that Innovation starts from within. Through Innovation programmes and industry webinars and conferences, we promote a culture of innovation among our people, while seeking like-minded partners to achieve our Care. For Good. aspiration.

Our Innovation Approach

As a strategic investor, IHH focuses on supporting and nurturing early-stage companies in digital health and technology-enabled healthcare services. Our aim is to collaborate with these budding startups, forming a strong alliance based on shared vision and growth plans. By doing so, we strive to enhance and create value across our healthcare eco-system.



Precision oncology diagnostics focused on earlier detection and more effective treatment for cancer using blood draws

Doctor Anywhere

Doctor Anywhere

Technology-driven healthcare platform including telehealth, remote medication delivery, third party administrator, and general practitioner/specialist clinics



AI-enabled echocardiography software for more accurate, consistent, and efficient echo analysis for detection of heart disease



Digital mental wellness and health platform with personalised self-guided modules and access to licensed therapists and psychologists

Belun Technology

Belun Technology

AI-powered sleep diagnostic and screening solution for holistic management of sleep apnea and other sleep disorders

We are committed to continuous improvement and pushing the limits of patient excellence in healthcare. Our pursuit of progress drives us to seek out partnerships with companies that share our passion and commitment. By joining forces with these like-minded organisations, we aspire to provide superior and more holistic healthcare to those we serve.

Preventing Patient Falls

  • Patient falls are a common issue in hospitals, with falling from the bed being a top cause.
  • Nurses often only respond after the fall has occurred, leading to potential injuries.
  • Utilising SmartPeep's AI video analytics, we can now monitor patient movement, predict attempts to get out of bed, and alert nurses to prevent falls.

Increasing Efficiency in Pathology

  • Current methods of analyzing and interpreting samples for pathology reports are manual, leading to incomplete diagnoses and long waiting times.
  • Acibadem and Virasoft have developed an AI-supported pathology application to assist pathologists and increase their efficiency.
  • The application's decision support algorithms are currently used in cases related to breast, gastrointestinal, lung, and prostate pathology.

Empowering Patients in Health Management

  • Engaging patients in their care is crucial for improving health outcomes and satisfaction, reducing costs, and building strong clinician-patient relationship.
  • PanopticAI's contactless camera-based health monitoring solution is integrated with the My Gleneagles SmartHealth mobile app in Hong Kong through a Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Users can measure vital signs by scanning their faces with their smartphone camera, promoting health awareness and empowering them to actively manage their health.

IHH recognises the importance of internal innovation and promotes a culture of innovation through programmes, webinars, and conferences. By encouraging employees to think creatively and providing them with support, IHH aims to drive positive change within the organisation to achieve our Care. For Good. aspirations.