Chairman's Statement

We promote a patient-centred culture by constantly improving and prioritising quality of medical care as well as ensuring patients’ satisfaction, safety, wellness and privacy.

Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Mohammed Azlan bin Hashim
Non-Executive Chairman, IHH

Dear Stakeholders,

Forging forward after a year of unparalleled challenges presented by a pandemic, IHH Healthcare (IHH) will continue tenaciously to strengthen the trust we have been cultivating with all our stakeholders. This is key if we are to realise our vision of becoming the world’s most trusted healthcare services network.

In a global environment still threatened by COVID-19 and rife with economic, political and other uncertainties, trust forms the bedrock of our resilience and sustainable growth and is central to our governance culture. With an ingrained culture of trust, we can be confident of sustainable success, given our solid fundamentals, robust corporate oversight and the prudent management of our operations.

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Source date: 30 April 2021