Chairman's Statement

It has been a challenging year as the world comes to terms with COVID-19. Even in the face of changing times, IHH has remained steadfast. Our clear vision and purpose have helped us focus on what matters and provide resilience to our business model. The key to preserving trust and driving IHH toward sustainability is good governance.

Y.Bhg. Tan Sri Mohammed Azlan bin Hashim
Non-Executive Chairman, IHH

Dear Stakeholders,

Our public and private partnership efforts with governments of the countries where we operate are essential. I would like to commend the teams at IHH who have been working tirelessly to make an impact for our communities towards bettering their health. With efforts in dedicating resources into public and private partnerships, private operators such as ourselves have a deep responsibility in playing a critical role alongside the public healthcare sector in combating national pandemics. In addition to supporting COVID-19 screening efforts, we continue to enhance the clinical capacities of the various countries.

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Source date: 1 April 2022