Protecting Our Home

A Healthier Planet for a Healthier Future

We recognise our responsibility to lead change for a better, more sustainable tomorrow. With clear goals and action plans, we prioritise environmental stewardship, reduce our carbon footprint, and ensure a healthier planet for all.

A healthier planet translates to healthier lives for our patients, our people and our communities. Our sustainability strategy places our patients first, while ensuring the planet remains sustainable for generations to come.

Doing Our Part to Slow Down Climate Change

Doing Our Part to Slow Down Climate Change

Climate change is already responsible for 40% of heat-related deaths. The health of humanity’s only home is vital to our well-being and future. This depends on the actions we take now:

  • Set goals, implement action plans, and embrace environmental stewardship.
  • Chart a sustainability roadmap aiming to first reduce our carbon footprint and waste generation.
  • Work systematically on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
To protect our planet by capping our carbon growth by 2025 and achieving Net-Zero by 2050.
  • To reduce single-use virgin plastic by 90% in non-clinical areas of our Malaysia and Singapore hospitals.
  • To cap carbon emissions at 2022 baseline level by 2025, even as our business continues to grow.
  • To begin the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) commitment process by 2025.
  • To achieve Net-Zero carbon emission by 2050.
Refer to our Sustainability Report for a full list of goals and targets.