Diversity & Inclusion

At IHH Healthcare, we view diversity and inclusion as central to our success and an enabler of quality patient care. Across our markets, we strive to create workforces that are representative of the patient populations, enabling us to provide our patients with culturally-empathetic care.
Why is Diversity & Inclusion Important?

Why is Diversity & Inclusion Important?

Diversity in hospital teams enhances communication between patients and healthcare providers, which is a key enabler of quality care. Fostering inclusion and diversity is not just vital for delivering quality patient care, it also increases productivity and employee retention.
At IHH Healthcare, our goal is to create in all our markets workforces that are representative of the patient population they serve in order to ensure our patients have what they need to benefit from the best treatment practices.
  • A 50:50 ratio of male to female leaders in our organisation by 2025
Refer to our Sustainability Report for a full list of goals and targets.
What We’re Doing

What We’re Doing

While gender diversity is currently a key goal for us, we pursue diversity and inclusion in five dimensions: Gender, Generational, Differently Abled, Skillset and Cultural. This is achieved through several approaches:

  • Determining strategy and measuring progress through global diversity, equity, and inclusion benchmarks.
  • Developing market-level strategies that that take into consideration local social, economic and cultural nuances.
  • Integrating the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) agenda into performance metrics.