Topic: Growth


Celebrating Our Mentors

IHH Singapore shine the spotlight on Lee Ley Ai, Nurse Manager at Parkway East Hospital, Singapore, for nurturing our nurses of tomorrow.

26 Jan 2024

Brands: Parkway
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Next-level Excellence in Robotic-assisted Surgery

Across our global network, leading robotic surgeons gathered in Gurugram, India on 8 and 9 December 2023 for the 4th IHH Clinical Exchange Programme.

26 Jan 2024

Brands: Fortis,  IHH
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Let’s ACE It Together

New "Align-Challenge-Empower" (ACE) framework unveiled at IHH Healthcare Global Town Hall 2024 to elevate IHH and create value for all stakeholders.

26 Jan 2024

Brands:  IHH
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New App To Support The Well-being Of Our Employees

Caring for our people and providing them a supportive environment are key to helping our employees navigate through the storms.

27 Nov 2023

Brands:  IHH
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Advancing Oncology Diagnosis And Treatment In Shanghai

Building strategic partnerships to advance clinical excellence - our recent collaboration with Sharehereon Health has opened doors to high-quality refractory cancer care at Parkway Shanghai Hospital.


Better Health With Genomics

The Centre of Genomic Health aims to help individuals and their families uncover any possible genetic mutations linked to potential illnesses or health conditions, allowing them to take necessary steps early on.


Promoting Hand Hygiene With Guinness World Record

Fostering a culture of cleanliness and empowering future generations with the knowledge and practice of good hand hygiene is essential to secure a healthier future.

27 Nov 2023

Brands: Gleneagles,  IHH
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Expanding Our Care in East Malaysia

IHH Healthcare is expanding its continuum of care in East Malaysia with the acquisition of Timberland Medical Centre.

24 Aug 2023

Brands:  IHH
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Empowering Frontline Service Providers with Lifesaving Skills

IHH Malaysia is rolling out a ‘Ready For You’ campaign to train 1,000 individuals from key consumer-facing services in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED).


Improving the Daily Commute of Our Malaysian Staff and Nurses

To help our Malaysian nurses and staff cope with escalating rental costs in Singapore and improve their well-being, IHH Singapore recently launched a free daily Johor Bahru-Singapore bus service.

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