Empowering Our Future Leaders


i.ELEVATE, an extension of our award-winning i.GLOBE programme, was officially launched in Gleneagles JPMC (GJPMC) on 26 February for our rising leaders within IHH.

At IHH, we recognise that nurturing a strong pipeline of leaders is vital for our long-term growth and this programme has been meticulously crafted with insights from our Country, Market, and Hospital CEOs, and grounded in our core principles of Patient Centricity, Business Growth Mindset, and Ecosystem Building. Besides going through an engaging simulation exercise where the team had an opportunity to manage their own hospitals, participants also embarked on a transformative journey to:

1. Elevate their business and financial acumen to navigate the evolving healthcare landscape and drive the success of our hospitals

2. Gain a deeper understanding of how decisions impact stakeholders and our business, fostering empathy and strategic decision-making

3. Foster systems thinking, recognising how various hospital functions contribute to overall value creation and growth – all with the aim of putting our patients at the centre of everything we do

Concurrently, our colleagues in Brunei were introduced to Intellect, an application designed to provide comprehensive mental wellbeing support to our teams. Mental health services include telehealth coaching, clinical therapy, psychiatry, self-guided cognitive behavioural therapy-based programmes, urgent distress support, and mental health screening – all that can be done virtually via the Intellect platform.

Throughout this transformative month, our colleagues experienced a holistic approach to personal and professional development, nurturing both their professional skill sets and mental resilience, thus fortifying our collective journey to ACE it!