Elevating Cancer Care with Proton Therapy 

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (MNH) Proton Therapy Centre Launch 

Since 10 May 2023, the Mount Elizabeth Proton Therapy Centre in Singapore has treated over 100 patients from 16 countries, ranging in age from 18 months to 85 years. Officially opened on 10 May 2024, the Centre marks a significant advancement in IHH Healthcare Singapore’s cancer care offerings.

The centre complements Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital’s already comprehensive suite of cancer treatment modalities, including surgery, chemotherapy, and conventional radiotherapy, and is particularly beneficial for complex anatomical sites, sensitive tissues, and paediatric cases.

Dr Prem Kumar Nair, Group Chief Executive Officer, IHH Healthcare, said, “Adding proton therapy to IHH’s comprehensive suite of cancer treatment in Singapore solidifies our standing as a Centre of Excellence for oncology in Asia. Demand has already surpassed our expectations, and we are ramping up further to provide this cutting-edge treatment option to more patients across the region, as part of our purpose to touch lives and transform care.”

"Cancer patients are not alone in their fight against cancer. IHH Healthcare Singapore’s investment in proton therapy demonstrates our unwavering resolve to provide our patients with the best care,” said Dr Peter Chow, Chief Executive Officer, IHH Healthcare Singapore. “Up to half of all oncology patients require some form of radiation treatment but the side effects of treatment can be as debilitating as the cancer itself. Patients that are suited to undergo proton therapy will benefit from less side effects and damage to surrounding tissues due to the targeted nature of the proton beam.”

Proton therapy possesses unique properties that enable it to kill cancerous cells without causing as much damage to neighbouring tissue and organs. Patients seeking this advanced radiation therapy previously had to travel overseas for treatment but can now do so in the heart of Singapore. 

Together with its existing genomic health offerings, the Proton Therapy Centre strengthens IHH Singapore’s precision medicine capabilities, empowering doctors and patients to make informed decisions for managing diseases more effectively and safely.