Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong: Waste Management Initiatives

Separation of Commercial and Industrial Waste

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong participated in the Programme on Source Separation of Commercial and industrial Waste organised by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department in July 2022. The programme aims to encourage the setting up of an effective mechanism to facilitate waste separation and recycling. Recycled items under this programme include paper, metals, glass bottles, plastics, fluorescent lamps and tubes, rechargeable batteries, small electrical appliances and regulated electrical equipment, yard waste and food waste.

In its first three months of participation in 2022, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong recycled 3,904 kg of paper/carton boxes, 43 kg of plastics and 9,581 kg of other reusable/recyclable materials each month.

In 2023, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong will continue participating in: (i) collecting yard waste for delivery to “Y Park” which recycles yard waste into useful materials such as wood boards, wood beams, wood chips and sawdust; and (ii) collecting electrical appliances, rechargeable batteries, electrical equipment for delivery to “WEEE-Park” which adopts advanced technologies to recycle regulated waste electrical equipment into valuable secondary raw materials

Attained Wastewi$e Certificate in December 2022

Issued under the Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification programme, the Wastewi$e Certificate recognises companies for their commitment to and efforts in environmental protection through waste reduction or recycling. Three levels of the Wastewi$e Certificate, namely Basic, Good and Excellent, are awarded, depending on the extent of achievement of the measures.

In December 2022, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong was awarded with a “Good Level Certificate” as it had successfully implemented at least 60% of applicable items in the assessment criteria.