How We Manage Hazardous Waste in Acibadem Operations in Türkiye

Hazardous waste generated as the result of various activities in Ac─▒badem hospitals is collected separately in sealed plastic waste buckets labeled with specific waste codes. Hazardous waste is never mixed with other types of waste.

Separately collected hazardous waste is temporarily stored in the hazardous waste warehouse before being sent for disposal. In the hazardous waste storage, the waste is properly stacked, and an overflow pan is placed under the liquid waste to guard against the possibility of overflow, leakage or spillage.

For the disposal of hazardous wastes, a separate contract is made with a licensed facility subcontracted by the Ministry of Environment in Türkiye.

In order to reduce the generated amount of hazardous waste, the recycling of recyclable wastes is encouraged as much as possible. The following types of hazardous wastes are sent to companies for recycling after being subjected to our collection and storage regimen.


European Waste Catalogue codeHazardous waste category
13 02 08Engine, gear and lubricating oils
20 01 26Oils and fats other than those mentioned in 20 01 25
16 06 01Lead batterie
20 01 35Discarded electrical and electronic equipment other than those mentioned in 20 01 21 and 20 01 23 containing hazardous components