IHH Malaysia Hospitals Reduced Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles by 100% Since September 2021

We have committed to reducing our single-use virgin plastic in non-medical areas by 90% in our hospitals in Malaysia and Singapore by 2023. Examples of single-use plastics being monitored include cups, cutleries (fork, knife and spoon), bowls, straws, lunch boxes and water bottles.

We began our journey with a pilot in 2019 to reduce single-use plastic water bottles in Malaysia. The successful pilot was followed by rapid adoption by all our 16 hospitals in Malaysia and in 2021 we switched from providing patients and visitors at IHH Malaysia with drinking water in single-use plastic bottles to using water dispensers, reusable glass jars and reusable ceramic mugs in wards and at all non-medical areas. This was followed by the commencement of the drive in Singapore in June 2022.

We have now achieved 100% reduction in our purchase of single-use plastic water bottles in IHH Malaysia.