Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong: Energy Management Initiatives

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong has taken concrete steps towards tackling climate change by implementing a range of energy-related initiatives.

Transforming food waste in to energy

Launched in May 2022, the Food-Waste-to-Energy Recycling programme aims to convert food waste into electricity that will be fed back into Hong Kong’s electricity power grid. Facilitated by the hospital’s Food and Beverage team, food waste undergoes separation at the hospital before it is subsequently delivered to Organic Resources Recovery Centre 1 (O·PARK1) – Hong Kong’s first organic resources recovery centre – for generation of electricity and production of compost for landscaping and agricultural use. The 500-bed hospital generates roughly 122 tonnes of food waste annually, which can be converted to around 43,452 kWh of electricity – almost eight times the annual per capita energy consumption in Hong Kong1.

Powered by the sun

Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong installed its first renewable energy power system in the form of a solar photovoltaic system on the hospital’s rooftop in 2022. The solar energy generated from this system is expected to offset roughly 1% of the hospital’s annual electricity bill. The hospital plans to explore the feasibility of other sources of renewable energy, including wind power generation.