Gender Diversity: Women-Centred Healthcare

In India, the BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital launched the Women’s Cancer Care Centre, an all-inclusive, women-led facility that provides women with complete cancer care. The Centre crossed a milestone of performing over 10,000 cancer surgeries and over 100,000 radiotherapy sessions in 2022.

The Centre was opened in November 2021 to provide a safe and comfortable space for women to get screened and treated for all types of cancer, particularly breast and gynaecological cancers. This is vital in a country where women find it hard to talk to their family or male physicians about their health issues.

What is unique about the Women’s Cancer Care Centre is its sensitive patient management. Its all-female medical teams keep an eye on all aspects of their patients’ welfare including emotional well-being, physical health and family dynamics. The teams focus not only on treating the cancer but also understanding the challenges that is part of their patients’ cancer recovery journey such as living a full life during this difficult time.