Differently-Abled Diversity: IHH Singapore and the Autism Resource Centre

In a testament to IHH Healthcare’s commitment to inclusion and diversity, IHH Singapore has been blazing trails in the employment of differently abled persons in the healthcare sector.

IHH Singapore was the first healthcare organisation in Singapore to train persons on the autism spectrum for jobs in healthcare. Launched in 2019, the training and job placement programme is a partnership between IHH Singapore and non-profit organisation the Autism Resource Centre.

In 2022, 12 graduates from the programme joined IHH Singapore, where they work in the corporate offices, pharmacies and radiology and medical records departments. Their roles include the sorting of medication and X-ray films, and the resolving of data discrepancies.

The programme was so successful that it has been expanded to benefit other healthcare organisations by training differently-abled individuals for job placement in organisations that are not part of the IHH Healthcare network.

In October 2022, IHH Singapore signed a three-year agreement with the Autism Resource Centre to equip more persons on the autism spectrum with skills that will ready them for roles in the healthcare sector outside IHH Singapore’s hospitals, clinics and laboratories. This means many more individuals with autism will be joining the healthcare sector in the near future.

We are highly excited to be part of this because we truly believe in the value that these trainees bring to the healthcare industry. The fit between persons with autism and the healthcare sector is ideal. Persons on the autism spectrum boast traits like attention to detail and precision that are critical when it comes to the management of patient data records. At IHH Healthcare, we recognise and appreciate their contribution towards raising the quality of our patient care.