Supporting Our Foreign Workers

Following a surge in COVID-19 infections in April among foreign workers staying in workers’ dormitories in Singapore, our Parkway Shenton team responded to the national-wide efforts to curb the spread by setting up medical stations in dormitories to provide daily onsite medical attention and testing. Staff at Gleneagles Hospital Singapore also donated discharge care packs comprising toiletries and clothing to help recovered foreign workers return to their daily lives.

The Parkway Shenton team made up of doctors, nurses, hospital pharmacists and healthcare assistants have been onsite at Factory Converted Dormitories to support the medical needs of the affected workers, as well as operating mobile medical services to other dormitories in the vicinity.

This is a massive operation which sees our brave colleagues playing a critical role in early detection of suspect cases to prevent further transmission to other workers in these dormitories.

All our four hospitals in Singapore are also treating recovering COVID-19 patients. At Gleneagles Hospital Singapore, Senior Staff Nurse Raja Zaman donated a fresh set of clothing from home to a recovered COVID-19 foreign worker who did not have a fresh set of clothes to change to as he was about to be discharged.

His kind act led to a spontaneous mini charity drive among the hospital staff. Over a single weekend, our colleagues donated and packed about 30 sets of discharge care packs to be given out to all recovered COVID-19 patients who are assigned to new dormitories.