Saving Life’s Precious Moments

One-year-old Nayum Khan from South Africa suffered from a rare congenital disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in one of every 10,000 births. If not for our team at Global Hospital, Mumbai, who performed a life-changing surgery, his parents would never dream of holding a smiling baby son to sleep at night.

After a failed surgery in South Africa, the family sought treatment in India at Global Hospital, Mumbai. The father, 32-year-old Wazir Khan, was found to be a suitable liver donor and the hospital went on to put up an A-team to perform liver resection by laparoscopic surgery, which is the first such surgery in Western India.

The operation went well and father and son were able to sleep peacefully side by side after the procedure. As parents, Khan and wife could not be happier to see the smile on their baby’s face.

Good job and keep fighting, baby Nayum.