Putting People First on Children’s Day

In celebration of Children’s Day which falls on 1 June in China, our two hospitals - Parkway Hospital People’s Square and Gleneagles Hospital Chengdu - organised a ‘Doctor for a Day’ event for children of their staff.

Over a fun-filled day of role-playing and learning what goes on behind the scenes of a hospital, the young ones experienced what it’s like to be a medical and healthcare professional and developed a greater appreciation of their parents’ work.

Looking every bit a professional in their scrubs, the participants observed the workings of the Paediatric and Accident & Emergency wards as well as outpatient and X-ray clinics, soaking up intriguing knowledge on the equipment used and procedures performed there.

They also had a great time trying their hands at various hospital activities such as bandaging a wound, whipping up a nutritious lunch, even diapering a baby. An excellent way to understand what their parents do at work as well as to learn about the healthcare profession!