Hip Hip Hooray!

Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown in India, Continental Hospitals in Hyderabad successfully performed a hip replacement surgery for the first patient to be airlifted out of Afghanistan to India on 21 April.

The 44-year-old Indian logistics engineer, who works for a US firm in Afghanistan, suffered a fracture in the right hip after a fall. For about three weeks, he was unable to get treatment in Afghanistan. Neither could he travel back to India as it had stopped all international and domestic flights to curb the spread of COVID-19.

That was until his family arranged for an air ambulance service to airlift him to Hyderabad where he was admitted to Continental Hospitals for immediate treatment.

The procedure was led by a team of experts including Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Ram Mohan Reddy Venuthurla and Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr Nitish Bhan.