Empowering Care, Inspiring Change

4th IHH Nursing Symposium


True to its theme Nursing Forward: Empowering Care, Inspiring Change, the 4th IHH Nursing Symposium held on 27 and 28 September saw more than 2,500 nurses across our global network renew their commitment to delivering greater impact.

“IHH values and nursing philosophy are great drivers for nurses to make a difference, not only to our patients, but also to our shareholders, stakeholders, supervisors, or subordinates. Ultimately, it's about leading and contributing with impact,” shared Elaine Ng, IHH Group Head of Nursing, at the opening of the Symposium.

The event highlights IHH’s commitment to invest and empower our nurses by synergising nursing practices through innovation, research, and knowledge. It also reflects our commitment to the elevation of nursing as a dynamic and influential force in healthcare, providing a networking opportunity for attendees to harmonise nursing practices, share knowledge and develop professionally.  

From Nursing Practice Outcome to Nursing Informatics & Digitalisation, the topics presented empowers our nurses to offer compassionate, patient-centric care, transcending traditional boundaries. With the discussion of best practices on critical issues such as disease prevention, innovation, advocacy, and more, the symposium fosters lifelong learning and sets new healthcare standards, paving the way for greater professional enhancement in healthcare.