C-nergy in action!

After more than 62,000 man-hours of hard work, the Cerebral Plus (C+) project between IHH Healthcare Malaysia and our Turkey operations has finally taken off! The customised in-house Hospital Information System (HIS) went live on 1 May at Pantai Hospital Ipoh (PHI), marking the start of a system upgrade across our network of 16 hospitals in Malaysia.

The collaboration reflects the synergistic value of our global operations that enables us to share, adopt and benefit from best practices across the IHH Group.

Modelled after the HIS used across Acibadem hospitals, the new C+ system is more efficient and user-friendly, delivering greater convenience and a better experience for our patients, visitors, doctors and staff alike.

For example, patients can now sign off hospital forms electronically without the hassle of hard copies. They can also better manage their health matters such as making medical appointments and viewing their medical results using the system. Doctors can also access their medical notes and appointments on the go.

Having this common technology platform will enable us to provide operational excellence across our different markets. This includes multiple data standardisation, ease of changes, seamless linkages across functions and comprehensive data analytics, among others.

Thank you, Team PHI, for paving the way for this milestone initiative, and we look forward to completing the rollout of C+ for the rest of our hospitals in Malaysia in 2022.