Advancing Cancer Treatment With Proton Therapy

After five years in the planning, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital opened its highly anticipated Proton Therapy Centre on 10 May. The S$78 million state-of-the-art facility is the first of its kind among private hospitals in Southeast Asia, offering one of the most advanced forms of precision cancer treatments.

An 18-year-old woman from the United Arab Emirates was the first patient in Singapore to receive proton beam therapy at the new facility to shrink remnants of a cancer tumour in her nose.

Proton therapy, which utilises proton beams to destroy cancerous cells, allows for painless and precise targeting of complex tumours in sensitive areas such as the head or the neck while minimising damage and radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissues and organs.

The Proton Therapy Centre is IHH’s single largest investment in medical technology and represents our commitment to offer the best possible treatment options for cancer patients.

“Cancer has been the leading cause of death, both globally and in Singapore for a while now. The burden that cancer brings is a substantial one – emotional, mental and physical, and any progress in treatment available is a welcome support for patients with the disease. The Proton Therapy Centre aims to not only provide patients and their family more hope, but also improve their quality of life during and post treatment. It will enhance the overall experience for oncology patients and staff, turning healthcare into human care and revolutionising how cancer is treated in the region,” said Dr Peter Chow, Chief Executive Officer of Mount Elizabeth Novena.

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