A Triumph of Medical Excellence: Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated 

In an awe-inspiring display of medical excellence, Algerian conjoined twins Safaa and Chifaa underwent a life-changing separation at Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital. 

Born facing each other and joined from chest to abdomen, the five-month-old twins faced complex medical challenges, including fused organs.

Under the care of a dedicated team of 100 healthcare professionals, including specialists in paediatric surgery, cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, plastic surgery, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, intensive care, infectious diseases, radiology, neurology, and paediatrics, the twins underwent a detailed preparation process utilising advanced technology such as 3D modeling and simulations.

Professor Remzi Emiroğlu, Head of Organ Transplantation Department at Acibadem University, emphasised the team’s comprehensive approach, ensuring meticulous planning and addressing potential risks down to the minutest detail.

The procedure, which lasted nine hours, was followed by a rigorous four-month period of intensive post-operative care, during which the twins' well-being was closely monitored.

The successful separation not only granted Safaa and Chifaa their own individual bodies but also stood as a testament to the triumph of medical innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Reflecting on this new lease of life, Ibrahim Kherkhar, father of Safaa and Chifaa shared, “The day they were born and the day they were separated, will be two separate birthdays for us.”