New App To Support The Mental Well-Being Of Our Employees 

Caring for our people and providing them a supportive environment are key to helping our employees navigate through the storms. 

In partnership with digital mental healthcare platform Intellect, IHH launched a new mental wellness app on 14 November, in an effort to promote the total well-being of our employees.

This marks a significant milestone in IHH’s journey towards fostering a healthier workplace and caring for our people. In line with IHH’s sustainability pillar to Care for People, Dr Prem Kumar Nair, Group CEO of IHH, emphasised the need to provide a safe space for our employees to seek help and support when things get tough. 

"At IHH, we value the mental well-being of every employee. As a physician and healthcare executive who understands the rigorous demands of our professions, I know that it can be a struggle to balance work and personal life. There will be times when we all need a little help to maintain that harmony. To have a safe space to heal, to receive self-care, coaching and clinical support," shared Dr Prem Kumar Nair.

The Intellect app is a comprehensive mental health solution that offers online services such as clinical therapy, helplines and telehealth coaching while providing a safe space for our employees to receive self-care and support.  It will be progressively rolled out across various markets in the coming months.