More Affordable Care With Surgical Robots

Meet Versius, your non-typical member of the Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong surgical team. Deployed since December 2021, the multiple-arm robot has assisted our surgeons in many keyhole surgeries, offering patients improved clinical outcomes and faster recovery times, at a lower cost.

The minimally invasive surgical robotic system complements and extends what our surgeons can do. Using these robotic arms, they are able to perform surgeries with greater flexibility and precision compared to manual laparoscopic surgeries. They also enjoy better vision and greater clarity by way of the robot’s high-definition 3D wrist camera.

Versius overturns the assumption that robotic surgeries are more expensive. In fact, it offers the patient a more affordable option with the same or better quality outcome.

The hospital team is expanding the range of robotic minimally invasive surgeries to more specialities, so more patients can benefit from this new treatment option.