MyHealth360 Just Got Better


MyHealth360, an award-winning and patient-centric mobile app by IHH Healthcare (IHH), is taking patient empowerment and user experience to the next level with the launch of its new e-Commerce shop.

With MyHealth360 Shop, users can now enjoy convenient access to preventive care services, including vaccinations and health screenings, as well as home care services and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The one-stop shop takes away the hassle of buying health-related services from different websites and allows users to enjoy a peace of mind shopping with healthcare providers that they trust, while enjoying the seamless integration with the MyHealth360 mobile app. Healthcare products such as assistive devices and health supplements will soon be  available on the MyHealth360 Shop, making it even more convenient for users to fulfil their healthcare needs.

From app to online store, MyHealth360 is designed to support IHH’s aspiration to ‘Care. For Good.’ by making healthcare better, faster, and easier for the healthcare consumer. We started our innovation and digital transformation journey with a clear goal to empower our users to take control of their health through seamless digital experiences and conveniences across their healthcare journey. 

“MyHealth360 is the conduit to our digital healthcare vision, and we are excited to be launching more innovative, patient-centric capabilities and features across the healthcare continuum” said Saurabh Patel, IHH's Group Head of Marketing.

Start your journey towards better health and wellness today with MyHealth360. For more information on MyHealth360 and its comprehensive suite of services and products, read more here.