Care From Within

Malaysia’s COVID-19 lockdown, which started from 18 March, caused a scramble in Singapore Operations Division which employs nurses and healthcare workers residing across the border in Malaysia.

To help our 250 Malaysian colleagues who wanted to continue working in Singapore, the SOD team sprang into action to secure alternative accommodations for them within a day. The affected staff were also given a token daily allowance to help offset some of the unexpected expenses and higher cost of living during this period.

Dr Noel Yeo, Senior Vice President, Hospital Operations, SOD, said, “The restricted movement order threatened to cause severe disruption to businesses and daily activities in both countries. However, the impact that we felt as a company was greatly reduced by our Malaysian colleagues agreeing to take up temporary accommodations in Singapore over the two weeks, so that they can continue to report to work at our hospitals and other business units.

“I am sure this must have been of considerable inconvenience to these colleagues and their families. Their commitment to their respective jobs has allowed us to continue providing quality care to our patients with minimal disruptions. On behalf of the management, I would like to thank them for their dedication and selflessness during these trying times.”

Kamala Kuppusamy, a Healthcare Assistant at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, was among the Malaysian nurses who were affected. She was extremely touched upon learning that the company had so efficiently arranged accommodation for her so that she could have peace of mind and focus on looking after our patients.

“The speed was honestly excellent. I really am impressed and touched. I am also thankful for great colleagues who provided me moral support – they even offered to bring me home-cooked breakfast,” she said.