Weight off your Chest

Gleneagles Global Health City in Chennai launches a new heart facility with pioneering patient support service.

As with all medical crises, timely intervention is a matter of life and death. In the case of cardiac attacks, survival rates increase dramatically if patients receive treatment within an hour of the attack.

With rising cases of cardiovascular disease, especially among young adults, Gleneagles Global Health City in Chennai launched a 24/7 Chest Pain Clinic. The clinic provides comprehensive round-the-clock cardiac care operated by a dedicated team of interventional cardiologists.

Headed by Dr Sandeep Attawar, Programme Director and Chair – Heart and Lung Transplant and Cardiac Sciences, the Clinic offers a breadth of heart capabilities from basic testing such as electrocardiography (ECG), echocardiography screening and cardiac enzymes tests, to post-treatment patient and survivor support services.

The new clinic was unveiled by Indian film star, Dhanush, at a ceremony on 21 January 2019. He was joined by Dr K Ravindranath, Chairman of Gleneagles Global Hospitals, as well as doctors and patients who witnessed the introduction of India’s first Primary Angioplasty Support Group.

Dr Gobu, Cardiologist, Gleneagles Global Health City, said, “The support group made up of heart attack survivors and their families can help to spread awareness of heart attack symptoms and primary angioplasty. It also helps members to heal emotionally and physically by providing opportunities to talk with others whose lives have been affected by similar ailments.”

Gleneagles Global Health City is one of the premier institutes in Chennai which offers primary angioplasty round-the-clock. The Chest Pain Clinic will enhance patient care by reducing the time of treatment for patients suffering from cardiac ailments.
- Dr K Ravindranath, Chairman, Gleneagles Global Hospitals