Stay Strong, Stay Calm and Stay Home

To encourage members of the public to ‘stay strong, stay calm and stay home’, our Turkey Operations, Acibadem Healthcare, partnered famous musicians in Turkey to produce a rap music video. Watch the video here.

Aptly titled “Stay Home”, the catchy music video presented actionable advice such as ‘Don’t fool yourself saying nothing would happen to me’, ‘Stay home, isolate yourself and get results’ and ‘Stay home, you will survive these hard times; sooner or later bliss will come to us’, in a bid to raise public awareness on social responsibility and social distancing.

The song was recorded by Asil Koc, a prominent Turkish rapper, with lyrics and composition by Turkish composer Murat Cekem. Doctors, nurses, laboratory staff and healthcare technicians from Acibadem Healthcare were featured in the music video.

Since its release on 22 March, “Stay Home” has gone viral, receiving close to 2.5 million views across Acibadem’s social media channels within a day. It has received high praise for its creativity in engaging the public during this time of public distress caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

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