Questions about COVID-19? Ask Our Doctors Online

To ease public anxiety and address health concerns in this COVID-19 climate, ParkwayHealth China took an innovative approach to educate and inform its patients and the community about the outbreak through online public classes conducted on its WeChat platform.

Between February and March, its team of doctors conducted over 10 online classes, benefiting close to 400 participants.

Catering to both the Chinese and expatriate communities, some of the popular classes included paediatric and gynaecology topics (protecting children and pregnant women against the COVID-19 virus), dermatology (managing skin problems during the outbreak) as well as nutrition (boosting the immune system against the outbreak).

The online classes were well-received, with many participants commenting that the sessions were useful and informative, especially during this period where people are inundated with all sorts of news and information about the outbreak which may leave them anxious or confused.