Love is All Around

Gleneagles Hong Kong Spine Centre treated a 9-year-old girl from Myanmar, who had serious spinal problems as a result of tuberculosis.

Zheng Cui is a 9-year-old girl from Myanmar. She was referred to Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong Spine Centre by Silver Lining Foundation. In mid-November, she underwent spinal fusion surgery to correct and fix her collapsed spine, following an abscess drainage.

The operation was a success, and rehabilitation followed with the help of our physiotherapists. Rehabilitation requires perseverance and can be tiring at times. With her positive spirit and support from our nurses, it is encouraging to see that Zheng Cui is taking each step to walk again – slowly but surely.

For almost a month, the hospital’s medical team worked tirelessly to nurse her to recovery. Under the loving care of our medical team, Zheng Cui recovered well and was discharged. Before she bid farewell, she role-played in our “Doctor for A Day” workshop and had fun learning to take care of ‘patients’.

We were so happy to receive thank-you cards made by Zheng Cui. Her perseverance and positive attitude have been an inspiration to us. We send our warmest wishes to Zheng Cui!