Giving the Gift of Hope

Heart-warming tales of hope restored and second chances as Parkway Pantai continues to make a difference through the Life Renewed programme.

Lending a helping hand to the underprivileged has long been a focus for Parkway Pantai. Since 2012, the Life Renewed programme has provided free medical treatment to patients in need. Fuelled by RM6 million in funding for 2018, Parkway Pantai’s corporate giving initiative has continued to help disadvantaged patients across Malaysia.

Three young patients who received treatment at Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur shared their stories with the media on 30 November 2018, as Parkway Pantai took pride in adding their inspirational stories to the hundreds of patients who have benefitted from the programme.

This is our small way of giving back to society by leveraging our medical expertise and facilities. Our aim is to continuously improve our level of care and clinical outcomes to ensure that patients from all walks of life are able to live fuller lives after walking through our doors.
- Hoo Ling Lee, Chief Executive Officer, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur

Muhammad Faqih Daniel, 10 months old

Giving the Gift of Hope

Diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect when he was 13 days old and hospitalised from birth, Faqih required oxygen support and tube feeding. Undergoing surgery at 4 months old to avoid irreversible damage to his lungs, he is now healthy and growing well – just like his twin brother.

Catherine Teng Kai Xuan, 1 year old

Giving the Gift of Hope

Catherine was unable to survive without urgent surgery to connect the blood flow from her head and neck to her lungs. The severity of her condition meant the operation needed to be performed in stages. Since the success of her first surgery, Catherine has already improved significantly, with her final surgery up for scheduling soon.

Puteri Afsheen Nur Zahra, 7 years old

Giving the Gift of Hope

As a baby, Puteri kept falling over each time she stood up to try walking. She was discovered to have cerebral palsy with a left hip subluxation (partial dislocation) before she turned 2. Puteri had to undergo surgery to correct the dislocation between her hip and thigh. She has since been able to take her first few steps.