Cross-border Support

With COVID-19 cases on the rise in neighbouring Azerbaijan, 40 of our Acibadem Healthcare Group specialists travelled across borders to help their counterparts at the recently opened Yeni Klinika Hospital in Baku in the treatment and prevention of the coronavirus.

The team led by Chief Physician Caglar Cuhadaroglu, Professor Sesin Kocagöz and Professor Özkan Akıncı were stationed in Azerbaijan for two months since 29 June 2020.

Using their experience and knowledge in managing the pandemic in Turkey, the Acibadem team were able to reduce the length of stay in intensive care and at the hospital for COVID-19 patients there.

“We are happy to support the people of Azerbaijan in their fight against COVID-19 pandemic at this new hospital in Baku. We will fight hand in hand with our Azerbaijani colleagues against the pandemic of the century,” said Professor Kocagöz.