Acibadem Welcomes Its Newest Addition 

Opened on 9 September, Acıbadem Ataşehir is Acibadem Healthcare Group’s 10th hospital in Istanbul and its 24th worldwide!

Besides being a Leed Gold Certified green building, the 15-storey hospital is also designed to create delightful patient experiences. 

Offering all disciplines of medical specialties, Acıbadem Ataşehir has clinics that are characterised with unique architecture and design to serve the needs of children, women and oncology patients.

Visitors to the hospital are welcomed by locally-designed and curated digital artwork inspired by newborns delivered at Acibadem Hospitals, and the hospital boasts notable hallmarks like a carousel for children outside the Pediatrics Clinic, special services for expectant mothers for convenience and comfort, as well as state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment for oncology patients.