Solving A Major Headache

A brain surgery for aneurysm in 2017 left Kanchan Darge coping with weakness on the left side of her body and speech difficulty since. Taking no chances when the condition hit her the second time this year, she put her life in the hands of our neurosurgeon at Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, who not only treated her but returned her life to normal.

In 2017, Kanchan Darge experienced pain in her head. Dismissing it as just a normal headache, she popped a painkiller and continued with her daily chores. However, as the day went by, her condition worsened considerably. Her family immediately took her to a hospital where she was diagnosed with aneurysm on the right side of the brain. An open brain surgery was ordered but to her dismay, her quality of life after the surgery took a dip as body weakness and speech impairment began to set in – seemingly for good.

This year, when Kanchan experienced a similar pain on the left side of her head, she decided to place her trust in our medical team at Global Hospitals, Parel, Mumbai. Under the expert hands of neurosurgeon Dr Nitin Dange, she underwent a minimally invasive endovascular treatment, which is safer for the patient.

And it was a happy ending this time round with Kanchen making a full recovery without any side effects.