Personalised Care For Her


Precise and personalised diagnostics and treatment are now available to gynaecological cancer patients at Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong. Its newly launched Gynaecology Oncology Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art robotic and endoscopic systems, and boasts a multi-disciplinary team to provide patients with one-stop services and advanced treatment.

Striving to become a regional leader in advanced gynaecological oncology services, the Centre adopts novel surgical technologies, including the use of a new-generation surgical robotic system and a fully-articulated endoscopic system, to enhance surgical precision, reduce blood loss and postoperative pain, and facilitate faster recovery of patients.

Dr Kenneth Tsang, Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, said, “The multi-disciplinary team of our Gynaecological Oncology Centre provides comprehensive diagnostic services and personalised cancer treatments for patients. The Centre is supported by our Gynaecological Oncology Tumour Board which discusses each patient case thoroughly to ensure they receive safe and effective treatments and procedures.”