Partnerships For Patient Care

Collaborative efforts between healthcare stakeholders are key to improvements in patient outcomes, quality of care and patient experience. We see this in play in our Greater China market, with IHH China and Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong embarking on new partnerships. The latter also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China-based healthcare organisation Jiahui Health to deliver a range of healthcare services.

On 10 and 11 August, a team from Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong led by its CEO Dr Kenneth Tsang, made a special visit to Shanghai to explore new collaborations with IHH China.

During their tour of Parkway Shanghai Hospital, Parkway Gleneagles Medical & Surgical Center, Parkway Hospital People’s Square and other medical centers, the parties engaged in in-depth discussions, diving into the unique features of our China clinical services, current operations, and recent development plans.

Plans are set in motion to explore academic conferences, multi-site physician practices, seamless patient referrals, second opinions, and the usage of FDA-approved drugs and devices between IHH China and Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong. Indeed, the future looks brighter as our business units join hands to drive success and advancements in healthcare together.

Separately, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and Jiahui Health sealed a strategic cooperation agreement on 21 August in Shenzhen, reaffirming their dedication to delivering exceptional healthcare services.

Under the game-changing partnership, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong and Jiahui Health will harness their collective expertise to advance healthcare via a wide range of services. These include teleconsultations, seamless patient referrals, cross-region consultations, medical exchange and training, precise diagnosis and treatment, and streamlined drug application processes.