Miracle of Teamwork

When a 33-week pregnant mother arrived unconscious at the doors of Continental Hospitals after a cardiac arrest, a multi-specialty emergency team sprang into action to save their lives.

Through the prompt and coordinated response of the Emergency & Trauma, Anaesthesiology, Gynaecology, Neonatology, Blood bank, and Critical Care medical professionals, her pre-term baby was safely delivered after an emergency caesarean section. The mother, who suffered a second cardiac arrest post-surgery, was also saved in time.

The 33-year-old mother had travelled over 100 kilometres from Bidar to Hyderabad to seek medical attention after a cardiac arrest. She also had high blood pressure, altered liver enzymes, low blood platelet count and pulmonary edema, all of which was putting her and her baby’s life at risk.

The moment she arrived at Continental Hospitals, she was resuscitated by endotracheal intubation. An emergency caesarean section was then performed to deliver her pre-term baby. The emergency team came to her rescue again when she suffered a second cardiac arrest after delivering her baby. Thanks to their good work, both mother and child recovered well and were discharged in stable condition.

Dr Rahul Medakkar, Chief Executive Officer of Continental Hospitals, said, “At Continental Hospitals, we believe that exceptional clinical outcomes can only be achieved through collaborative clinical practice, teamwork and a quest for excellence. We were able to save the patient who was in a critical state through the coordinated efforts of our specialists from various disciplines. Of course, having world-class infrastructure also plays a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of such complex procedures.”