Hassle-free travel with digital COVID-19 swab results

Outbound travellers from Singapore can now enjoy a smoother and more secured process with digital COVID-19 results issued by Parkway Shenton. We are the first healthcare provider in Singapore to offer tamper-proof, easily verifiable COVID-19 results, accessible from our partner Accredify’s Digital Health Passport app. Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong is also partnering with Accredify to launch digital COVID-19 results in time for the commencement of the Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble on 22 November.

As part of Singapore’s pre-departure requirements, travellers must first obtain COVID-19 swab results. Using Accredify’s Digital Health Passport app, travellers can access swab results sent by Parkway Shenton digitally and present their medical record’s unique QR code to the Singapore immigration authority for verification. This makes it efficient for the authorities to ensure that all outbound travellers are COVID-compliant.

The digital COVID-19 swab results are tamper-proof and easily verifiable as it leverages blockchain technology, where an individual’s test results can be easily traced to authorised healthcare providers.

Edmund Kwok, CEO of Parkway Shenton, said: “Parkway Shenton has been at the forefront of Singapore’s fight against COVID-19, from border screening to providing end-to-end service, from swabbing and testing to resulting, for dormitories and Swab and Send Home (SASH) clinics. Through this partnership, together with our ParkwayHealth Laboratory, we continue to contribute to Singapore’s COVID-19 efforts by not only lending travellers added convenience, but also offering those who do their pre-departure tests with Parkway Shenton a greater level of confidence and assurance in the veracity of their COVID-19 test results.”