Free Consultation And Medication Delivery Amid Pandemic

To provide greater support to the public during the pandemic, Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong is the first private hospital in Hong Kong to offer free virtual consultation and medication delivery services.

Our hospital first introduced free online medical counselling service in early March 2022 to support members of the public under COVID-19 home isolation and other patients with medical needs.

From 24 March to end April 2022, the hospital’s enhanced free online consultation service will include online consultation provided by Gleneagles Virtual Family Medicine Centre, basic prescription medicines, a rapid antigen test kit, and medication delivery service.

Dr Kenneth Tsang, Chief Executive Officer of Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong said, “Demand for medical services continues to be strong amid the pandemic, and this is particularly true for those who are unwell but unable to seek medical assistance and medication support. Riding on the keen response to the free online medical counselling service launched in early March, and with the support from NWS Holdings Limited, the hospital will enhance this existing free online consultation service to offer more comprehensive support to meet patients’ needs and allow more people to receive timely care.”