Flood Of Compassion

Who says festive holidays are reserved for celebrations with family and friends? Prince Court Medical Centre senior nurse Chu Tai Feng chose to volunteer with IHH Malaysia’s medical outreach team to help victims of the recent floods that hit the east coast of the country.

In December last year, Malaysia experienced one of its worst floods ever, affecting eight states and resulting in many lives lost and homes destroyed.

“As a nurse, it’s my natural instinct to want to help as many people as I can. It was heart-wrenching to see children walking around barefooted as they had lost everything and did not have even a basic pair of shoes to call their own. In difficult times like this, every small act of kindness and compassion can go a long way to provide them with some measure of relief.”

Joined by two fellow nurses from Prince Court Medical Centre, they went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Cyberjaya 1, a temporary evacuation centre, to provide medical aid to some 150 flood victims. There, they operated a makeshift mobile clinic, registering sick patients, treating minor wounds and injuries as well as dispensing medications supplied by Mercy Malaysia.

Her efforts did not end there. The next day, she travelled to a flood-wrecked village in Hulu Langat District, where she and her team had to set up their ‘clinic’ on a mere table outside a restaurant due to the dire aftermath situation. On 2 January 2022, she followed the Mercy Malaysia team to Pahang where they continued their relief efforts.

We are proud of our colleagues from IHH Malaysia hospitals, ancillary services and corporate office, for stepping forward and offering help in times of need. Other than providing medical aid, our people collected or contributed essential items such as medical supplies, clothing and dried food, even volunteering to clean and restore the houses of these flood victims. Kudos, Team IHH Malaysia!